Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are payments due?


A: Please pay for & reserve each next month at the end of the prior month.  For example, pay/book February at the end of January.  This helps me arrange & reserve my scheduling in advance.


Q: 24-Hour Notice for makeup/credit?


A:  I really need advance notice for any opportunity to reschedule/reuse a missed appointment.  I have limited time for teaching, need to maximize it's potential.  Without 24 hour notice I cannot credit your missed lesson.


Q:  Three lesson minimum?


A:  If you want to permanently reserve a time slot I need a three lesson minimum commitment.  Your payments will be such accordingly.  In the event you miss lessons I need you to proceed to acquire a reschedule to meet the three lesson minimum.


Q:  Three lesson minimum, pt. 2?


A:  The best learning is achieved through weekly lessons.  The three lesson approach is fine for some.  I really need to know your scheduled lessons in advance.  Without such there's less opportunity for me to reuse your unscheduled times.


Q:  Forgotten/missed payment?


A:  Get that in soon if you can, mail works well.


Q:  We’re going out of town for an extended amount of time, can we skip a payment?

A:  If you remain on the schedule, reserving your time slot, you must continue to pay.  You may consider a leave of absence & start again at a later day/time without fees.  I can't not work during your lesson time.  Virtual is an option too.


Q:  Are virtual lessons effective?


A:  Surprisingly, yes!  There's growth, accountability, sharing, most of the same pros.  Some students even prefer the concise 30 min. (vs. 60-80m w/travel time). Cons would be a slightly limited audio/visual experience.


Q:  Do we need books?


A:  There are some books I really like/use:

-Solo Guitar Playing by F. Noad (note reading/classical)

-Progressive Jazz Guitar by Sutton/Turner (learning chord charts/comping)

-Blank Writing Tablature & Spiral Notebook


There are often books I can get at a discounted rate, often in stock & for sale.  Please inquire.


Q:  How long have you been teaching?


A:  I took on my first student in 1989 and have been teaching professionally since 1991.


Q:  Do you play in bands?


A:  Yes!  I try to add upcoming concert dates to monthly lesson memos.  Try to catch one sometime.