Client and Tech Working Together

Effective Immediately Summer 2019


Hello and thanks so much for your continued support!  Be a long time customer or new interested client you are appreciated.  Please know I'm willing to give you my time, energy and best work possible.  In exchange, moving forward I need you to give me five minutes of your time to cover this form and join my client list.


I apologize if this is a turn-off, I do understand this is not for everyone (and you have options).  Respectfully, I have limited client availability so if we're anything less than a perfect fit it's best to get that out now.



1.  Opportunity.  Here we have the potential for a great/unique dynamic of client/tech direct interaction.  First off please know everything here is me, not only repairs but lesson instructor, secretary, service manager, accounting, tax, inventory, upkeep, webmaster, etc.  You are dealing with me at all times.  We are friends, either great or small.  I'm only interested in respectful interactions. 



2.  Many clients.  Respectfully, it's not just you I'm juggling.  I cannot work a hundred different ways for a hundred different people.  At this exact moment I have 1336 Facebook friends, maybe 75% are musicians with perpetual needs, questions and ideas.  To overstate the obvious:  what works best for me, is best for me.  I require low maintenance.



3.  Time.  Assume my list of things to do vs. time to work on (your) gear is tight.  Please use my time wisely and minimally.  Message boards are out there as a "community" service;  people volunteering their experience and expertise at their leisure.  As much as I love shop talk I'm just not able to hang out during work hours (think mechanic/surgeon not coffee shop/record store).  It's critical I utilize this time to focus on the task at hand (something I know you'll appreciate when your job is completed in a timely manner).



4.  Communication.  Email only and I keep my own hours.  Email is detailed in writing, a permanent track record of your gear & part of your receipt (repairs at echoluxe dot com).



5.  Gear texting.  No.  Hold off unless time related or Yes/No.   We all love gear, none more than myself.  Don't do email?  Simply text to my email address (repairs at echoluxe dot com).  Easy.  Bear in mind I have a family and like everyone else require mental reprieve from my profession (weekends, holidays, off hours, travel).



 6.  Repairs.  I've been doing this since the '90s.  I have an extremely high success rate over tens of thousands of repairs.  Please be aware that sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, not all repairs can meet perfection.  Nature of the business.  Should a problem subsequently arise just talk to me, I'm a quite understanding individual.



7.  Space.  I have extremely limited space here, everything is pre-scheduled to get in and out.  Please respect this.



8.  Music Store.  I fully understand this dynamic is not for everyone.  If you need a more store-like structure feel free to search that out.  I operate under a unique set of circumstances.  I need all my clients to understand this and also meet my needs, just as I'm perpetually working to meet yours.



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