Analog Recording Studio

Discreet Channel Mixing

Yamaha PM1000 Custom Built/Modded w/Tube Summing

Tube/Transformer Signal Path

Teletronix LA-2A Vintage Rebuilds w/Cinemag 6104 + 2140' In Out Transformers

Vintage Preamplification

Viking RP83s & RP62s

Transformer Modded

Altec 1566 Rebuilds

16 Channels

Otari MX5050 2 Track Mastering Reel

Otari MX5050 8 Track Multitrack Reel

Fostex 80 8 Track Multitrack Reel

Foxtex 20 2 Track Mastering Reel

Sony Reel

Tandberg Reel

Antech Tube Compressor

Viking RP62 Preamplifiers

Viking RP83 Preamplifiers


Signal path is very important

Poly caps

Vintage vacuum tubes

Hand wound transformers

Recording Resume

2023 Echoluxe Holiday Music Recital - 17 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2023 The Sun-Less Trio The Vanishing 7"/CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2023 Echoluxe Summer Music Recial - 16 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2022 The Sun-Less Trio Cemetery Road 7"/CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2022 Echoluxe Fall Music Recial - 16 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2022 Little Brazil Just Leave Performer
2021 Echoluxe Holiday Music Recial - 17 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2021 Echoluxe Holiday Music Recial - 14 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2021 Echoluxe Spring Music Recial - 17 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2020 Echoluxe Fall Music Recial - 18 tracks Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2018 The Sun-Less Trio The Willow Tree 7"/CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
7"/CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2018 Rachel Ziegler Solo Demo Recording Engineer
2017 The Sun-Less Trio Rivers Rebirth Different Maps 7"/CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2017  Leafblower Album Mastering Engineer
2017 The Sun-Less Trio Spirit Jar CD/Cassette album Engineer/Mastering/Performer
2016  The Sun-Less Trio Spirit Jar/Spirit Glass 7" Single Engineer/Mastering/Performer  ANT
2016 Sean Pratt & the Sweats Sing for Pretty Flowers Mastering Engineer
2016 The Lupines  Mastering Engineer
2015  Jon Boe Demo Mastering Engineer
2015  The Sun-Less Trio  7:35 7" Single  Engineer/Mastering/Performer  ANT
2015  The Sun-Less Trio  Spirit Jar/Spirit Glass 7" Single  Engineer/Mastering  ANT
2015  The Sun-Less Trio  S/T  Engineer/Mastering  ANT
2015  The Sun-Less Trio  7:35 7" Single  Engineer/Mastering  ANT
2013  Stephen Bartolomei with His Comrades  Performer  Electrical Audio
2013  New Lungs  You're Not Gonna Recognize Me  Mastering
2013  No Blood Orphan  Lost Tricks  Engineer/Mastering  ANT078
2013  No Blood Orphan  Top Shelf  Engineer/Mastering  ANT077
2013  No Blood Orphan  Close to Closing/Tricks 7" Single  Engineer/Mastering  ANT076
2011  Comme Reel  Romanie  Engineer/Mastering  ANT075
 2009 Comme Reel  S/T  Engineer/Mastering  ANT072
 2009 Shawn Cox  Classical Guitar  Engineer  Mobile
 2008  Mal Madrigal  From the Limbs of Trees  Performer
 2008  No Cock Orphuck  The Beast Chronicles  Engineer/Mastering  ANT071
 2008  No Blood Orphan  Let It Boot-Live  Engineer/Mastering  ANT070
 2008  No Blood Orphan  Your First is Your Last  Engineer/Mastering  ANT069
 2007  Mal Madrigal  Life Among the Animals  Performer
 2007  Mal Madrigal  The Road is Glue  Performer
 2007  Perry H. Matthews  7 inch EP  Mastering Self  ANT
 2007  Bullets for Baby Album  Mastering Self  ANT
 2007  Lifeafter Laserdisque  Post War Housing  Engineer/Mastering Self  ANT
 2007  No Blood Orphan  Robertson Park  Engineer/Mastering  TempClone101012 ANT
 2006  Stalemate Album  Mastering Self   ANT
 2006  Members of the Press  Modern Day Rome Mastering  SumWatt ANT
 2006  Landing On The Moon  LOTM  Mastering  Beehive ANT
 2006  No Blood Orphan  Your Ship Sailed 7 Seas  Engineer/Mastering  Ant068 ANT
 2006  Lifeafter Laserdisque  Laser of Justice Engineer/Mastering  CDSB002 ANT
 2006  The Virgasound  Session #2  Engineer
 2005  The Philharmonic  Session #1  Engineer
 2005  No Blood Orphan  Joyful Melancholy  Engineer/Mastering  Ant067 ANT
 2005  No Blood Orphan  Lottery!  Engineer/Mastering  Ant066 ANT
 2005  Fromanhole  S/T Engineer/Mastering  NP02 ANT
 2004  No Blood Orphan  S/T Engineer/Mastering  Ant064 ANT
 2003  Ravine/Buzzo  Autodafe  Engineer/Mastering  Skin011/ANT062
 2003  John Klemmensen  End All/Be All  Mastering  BH  ANT
 2003  Aria Remorse  Anthology Re-Mastering  Ant061 ANT
 2002  Fromanhole  Out of the Flats  Mastering  NP02 ANT
 2002  Ravine  Via Della Strada  Engineer/Mastering  Ant060 ANT
 2002  Ravine in the Flat Field  Bauhaus Tribute  Engineer/Mastering  Ant056 ANT
 2001  Compilation-Decline of Midwestern Civilization  19 Band Mastering/ReMastering  Ant060 ANT
 1999  Reset  My Still Life  Engineer/Mastering  BHR008 Eclipse
 1999  Soundtrack to Motion Picture  Killing Diva  Engineer/Mastering  Ant046 Eclipse
 1999  Killing Diva  Film Music Supervisor  Editing/ReMasteringing  RNA Productions RNA
 1999  Strangeblues  Inverted  Engineer/Mastering  Ant 053 ANT
 1999  Ravine  Transmute  Engineer/Mastering  Ant050 Eclipse/ ANT
 1997  Ravine  S/T  Engineer/Mastering  Ant045 Eclipse
 1996  Rasputin  4 Song Demo  Engineer/Mastering  Eclipse
 1996  Ravine  7 Song Cassette  Engineer/Mastering  Ant044 Eclipse
 1996  Ritual Device  Rabe 7"  Mastering  CR/Ism13 Eclipse
 1995  Revilo  6 Song/10"  Engineer/Mastering  BH2196A Eclipse
 1995  Blenny  4 Song 10"  Engineer/Mastering  BH2196B Eclipse
 1995  Eamon  9 Song Demo  Engineer/Mastering  Eclipse
 1995  Born in a Barn  Compilation Album  Performer  AMCD 59503
 1995  Linoma  Compilation Album  RD Engineer  Eclipse ISM007
 1995  Dan Benz  Coming Home  Engineer/Mastering  ANT
 1994  Ritual Device  Trademark of Quality  Co-Produce (Mixed w/Gary Lind)  TMOQ043 Eclipse
 1994  Ritual Device  Killdozer Split 10"  Engineer/Mastering  MR007 Eclipse
 1994  Fischer  6 Song/7"  Engineer/Mastering  IBB001 Eclipse
 1994  Secret Skin  Capital Lite Mix  Vocal Tracking  ER1005 Eclipse
 1994  Strangeblues  State of Nothing  Engineer/Mastering  ANT035 ANT
 1994  Compilation Live at the Capitol Dark 18 Song Produce/Mix/Mastering  ER1006 Eclipse
 1994  Ritual Device  Live 7"  Co-Prod/Mastering  MMR002 Eclipse
 1994 The Manics 4 Track Reel Tape Sessions Engineer
 1994 Fischer 4 Track Tape Session Engineer Self
 1993  Strangeblues  S/T Engineer/Mastering  ANT032 ANT
 1993  Aria Remorse  Without End  Engineer/Mastering (Mixed w/Mike Brannan)  ANT031 ANT/MB
 1993  Ritual Device  Mousetrap Split 7"  Mastering  OH007 Eclipse
 1992  Fromunda  Cheese Cheese  Engineer/Mastering  ANT
 1990  Mike Saklar  Solo Guitar Album #1  Engineer/Mastering  Ant 052 ANT
 1990  Aria Remorse  The Wind and the Rain  Engineer/Mastering  ANT026 ANT
 1992  Ritual Device  Henge Co-Produce w/David Wm. Sims  Red009/DUTCH EAST Albini's
 1991  Ritual Device  6 Song Demo  Co-Produce w/David Wm. Sims  Steve Albini's
 1991  Ritual Device  7" Co-Prod. w/John Wolf, Tom Ware  AR01 Jr.'s Motel