"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Gretsch. The action and playability is now fantastic - a far cry from the stock setup. The string height at the first fret is perfect now and the intonation is spot on.  I've played it in church for the past three weeks. This could easily become my favorite guitar.  Thanks again for another great setup!"  Dave M. (Omaha)


"Holy Cow!

The '64 finally sounds "right" to me!  Really really right!...now they both sound marvelous!  Both the Normal and Vib/Trem channels improved drastically as well.  I like the tone of each now and didn't at all before.  Also, the tonal sweep of the bass control is now normal.  So bizarre!  It's such a rewarding relief to hear it sing the way I had hoped it would back when I got it in 2013.  A world of difference.  
Thank you so much!"
Eric B. (Omaha)

"By the way, I played the xiphos last weekend for a few hours and I think its the best its played since I've owned it. " Casey R. (Omaha)

"I am enjoying my T-60.  Also, I am really having fun with the Michael Kelly. Thanks to you, the neck on it now is very enjoyable to play, great job." -David F. (Omaha)

" just wanted to let you know Ive been playing the Rickenbacker this eve and it feels and sounds great. Great job! I'm really pleased and will bring you all my setup work from now on! Thanks again!" -Steve V. (Omaha)

"Put my earplugs in and they're still ringing.  Great job on the Bandmaster"  Justin O. (Omaha)

"My Twin that you worked on still sounds INCREDIBLE. Highest praise to you and your craft!" David N. (Omaha)

Regarding Black Dog Pedal:
"...... This sounds even better than I remember, this is seriously awesome. It's throaty but still articulate and it crushes the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret I was using. I literally laughed when I switched back and fourth between them, it wasn't even close. Thanks again for putting this together for me!!!"  Tim C. (Omaha Recording Engineer)

"Thanks again for repairing my Fender HRD. It sounds wonderful. Like a new amp.
I will contact you soon to look at my Classic 50! Thanks,
Jeff S. "(Omaha)

"Substantial improvement in noise level. When I bring the bass near my computer, I can still get it to act up a little bit, but nothing like what it was before.  Its definitely useable (now). Thanks again!"
Andrew M. (Omaha)

"I wanted to let you know that I was able to try out the AC10 last night, and was absolutely delighted. It sounds incredible to my ear; I was able to achieve what I consider to be a near-perfect all-purpose guitar tone in about 30 seconds of tweaking."  Ben A. (Omaha)

"I couldn't be more pleased with how it looks and sounds. Sounds great with the Peavey T60. I like how it stays clean up to around 6-7 before breakup. Like we talked about Treble and bass are odd but I am able to dial in a very nice tone.  Really really nice. Great Job!"  David F. (Omaha)

"Like usual, your work was beyond compare."
Jonathan P. (Omaha)

"....that Ga5 with my Maxon 808 in front of it is honestly one of the best tones I've had in a long time.  I spent about 90 minutes juat messing with it last night.  I love the cleans too.  And I love how the the 35 is usable now.  Thanks again...Im super happy with the results!"  Brian C. (Omaha)

"Absolutely love the job you did on the explorer. Couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!" Andrew K. (Omaha)

"Can’t thank you enough for the awesome setup! It’s like night and day with the strat. Feels great and is a ton of fun to play."
Matt (Omaha)

"I got a chance to take the Traynor for a test drive today, and I’m speechless.. holy f*g s*t!  I don’t know how to explain other than to say that it’s the best sounding amp I’ve ever played through. It’s simply perfect and exactly what I was looking for....I never dreamt I could afford a rig that sounds so great." Ryan (Omaha)

"Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying my jubilee with new tubes and a proper tuneup .  Man I’m digging it . Both channels are great and just killin it . Never sounded better . Btw , not sure if I mentioned it earlier but the preamp on my 201 is also just great ,  really took it to next level" Joseph G. (Omaha)

"Both pedals sound amazing, the swirly spins and subtle vibratos from the small stone are exactly what I was looking for. The Muff sounds better than it ever has, probably because the power is stable again haha. Thanks a bunch!!"  Sebastian T. (Omaha)

"This fuzz is phenomenal and just wanted to let you know that. This thing is I'm pretty sure the end all be all for me. I'm really exploring the tones this and it's great. It's amazing what tones I can get just by manipulating the volume and the tone." Andrew T. (Omaha)


"...Just wanted to send you a quick email to say everything is sounding great . The saddle height ,dude so much better , nut height spacing and placement is perfect in my opinion clean and clear easy fretting all the way down to the twentieth fret .Bass side saddle height is full and clean , certainly no need to change anything…It’s perfect "..."What a difference . The Charvel is really sounding sick , having at it since this morning and diggin this hb . It’s really what I’ve been hoping for tone wise and with a f’ing kller zebra pu hiding under that chrome . Lol it’s like Christmas morning ."  Joseph G. (Omaha)


"Holy fn shit brother. That pedal is so incredible!!! I absolutely love it. It's the best of the best. It was sooooo inspiring to play with it at practice tonight. And the guys were in awe of the lightning and God's fury. Thank you so much. I prize that gift as true magic, without equal on this mortal coil. Wow."  Jake B. (Recording Artist, Los Angeles)


"It sounds SO good! (Vintage Pro Reverb)"  Kyle M. (Omaha)


"(Bassman) sounds incredible! It’s amazing the difference. It was so immediate, the amp just felt so much warmer!  Both channels sound amazing. I’m completely blown away. I’ll be playing it more tomorrow when I have some free time to really crank it up. I can’t wait to gig it on Sunday!" Alex M. (Lincoln)


"...Princeton is sounding better than ever! Thank you so much for bringing it back to life!!!"  Mitch G (Omaha)


"Now for something really important Cables ! Wow , they sound great . Look great nd sound great been playing them most of this morning and they are , not going to say better but better as in they are definitely more …focused , a touch warmer nd still very very musical , guitar friendly for sure and really quiet . New insulation is also great , looks cool as well  . Older model ais not noisy by any means but has its own fingerprint for sure . Focused and clear usually means cold , sterile but not these . Dude , exciting stuff you have here."  Joe G (Omaha)

"It took a few hours but I am now getting the hang of it and...WOW! I am getting some tones, grind and top end I always wished I had. The presence dial and bright switch
can put me in a range I couldn’t
even come close to before the mod. "  Eric B. (Omaha)

"That pickup sounds amazing.  Thanks again dude."
-Ben V.H. (Omaha)

"Omfg. I don’t know what kind of fairy dust you sprinkled on this amp, but it frickin kicks ass. Took me a minute to dial in but I got it sounding thick, tight, just awesome. Nothing like a full G chord on a badass marshall. Thanks brother."
Mike C. (Omaha)

"Hey, man. Just wanted to let you know that the amp performed beautifully last night and sounded huge! Thanks for everything. I'll be bringing in my Blackstar in the near future as well. "  Ryan M. (Omaha)

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the GB Ibanez. I used it in church today. The action is great! It plays so easily and the intonation is perfect. Thanks again!  I also used the cables with the guitar today. The signal through cables just seems clearer, louder, and tonally better across all the strings."  David (Omaha)

"That Champ is something special right now...sounds very nice.  Definitely a lot more life than ever."  Matt C (Omaha)

"Well I just received the amp and of course, I had to plug it in right away. Holy $h!t does the amp sound amazing! I'll be honest, I never in my wildest imagination thought that the amp would turn out like this. It sounds incredible!...Again, the amp sounds amazing, well worth the price for the work and definitely a piece of living history. Thank you so much!"  Blake T. (Albion)

"This bandmaster just totally outperforms in everyway possible. The harmonics and power just blow away the blonde one and have yet to compare with the other 2. I compared also with my Tremolux and it has always been my favorite piggyback and again this Bandmaster shines. I’ll do more comparisons later with the other 2 and swapping cabs. Thanks again, great job!"
John J (Omaha)

"Just wanted to say thanks again for doing the Amp for me.  Its awesome!  You have brought a really nice amp back from the dead!  It sounds great.  I really, really appreciate it."  Mark V (Omaha)

"Briefly got to the Strat but it clearly plays a ton better-those strings were riding pretty high before.  Banjo tuning seems to stay put and string action now makes it pretty playable."  Paul N. (Omaha)

"1. The amp sounds better that I imagined it sounds like an old amp. There is virtually no noise. The reverb is so strong it’s mind blowing. None of this is news to you, but it was all very evident after strumming a couple chords. The master volume is fantastic.
2. The cords. You’re cords are really good. I’ve got a couple mid level ones of the same length and the difference was immediate. Way less noise, my mogwai chord was really close, but I still yours is maybe a hair better, but I really had to concentrate on it to hear a difference. It was pretty minor. I feel the build quality on yours is where it outshines the mogwai."  Zach (Lincoln)

"Michael, this amp sounds awesome!!  Thank you !!" Gary G. (Lincoln)

"Hey just wanted to let you know I love how this amp feels and sounds now. It's like a completely different amp to me. I had a couple hours time to play around with some settings and I love how the reverb sounds in comparison and how responsive the amp it is to different pickups and guitars!!  I will definitely keep in touch in the coming weeks in regards to what tones I can work out of this.
Thank you very much I cannot express how excited I am to explore more with this in the coming weeks."  Andrew T. (Omaha).

"You are the man!!! This amp is sounding better than it ever has! Do you have a yelp or a google page where I can give you a 5 star rating? "  Blake D. (Omaha)
"My Strat sounds mega! Exactly what I wanted. Thanks again." Pete E (Omaha)

"I used the amp at the show and for Lonely Estates practice and it sounds so much better." "The guitars play incredible. Thank you so much!" - Phil R. (Omaha)


"I just wanna say I'm extremely happy with how this amp sounds. You brought it back to 100% and then some. It sounds better than the day I brought it home without question. Obviously the speaker change is a huge improvement but it also sounds like the crossover is doing its job flawlessly. I love having the full spectrum switch. It's a useful EQ option and I see it coming in handy if I ever want to mic just one speaker. 
I am very thankful to have someone I trust to work on this amp. I gave you a challenging situation and you absolutely crushed it. I don't think I can say thank you enough. I'll be recommending you to anyone and everyone. 
It's been really good working with you. "  Spencer (Lincoln)


"UNIVOX update.  We had practice Friday night (6-11) and again on Sunday afternoon (1-330).  Absolutely ZERO issues with the amp! 

Plenty of volume - no surprise there - and it does get nice and crunchy if you start dialing things up a bit.  The breakup is perfect for what we're doing...With both volumes set just about to 11:00 there is more than enough sound coming out of that half stack to be heard over John and his 400+ Mesa. 
It really is ridiculously quiet at idle, no matter where the volumes are set.  Absolutely chuffed with how this turned out. Thank you so much!" Cody H. (Omaha)

"The pedal is fantastic. I have never heard anything quite like it. Nothing says fuzz like Germanium. Wow! I bought a case of 9 Volts."  David F (Omaha)

"Awesome job on the H&K... why in the world wouldn't they just do that in the first place with these footswitches is beyond me.." -Gary T. (Omaha)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my re-invigorated Vibro Champ.  It sounds great, especially with my vintage Duo Sonic II and my old single P-90 Gibson ES-175.  Thanks for taking such good care of it!  You've earned a loyal customer and I'll happily refer anyone I know who's gear needs some TLC!  Thanks again."
-Jim N. (Omaha)

"Well, you've done it again!  Great setup on the Guild! Plays smoothly and sounds even from pickup to pickup, and the pickup height maximizes the tone. The black pickup selector was a nice touch. I much prefer that to the orange one. Thanks!"
David M. (Omaha)

"Just wanted to say how happy I am with the work you did.  That guitar sounds and plays amazing.  I love the setup and need to send a few other things your way in the future.  Thanks so much!"  Andrew K. (Omaha)

"The amp sounds great! No drastic change in tone, but just feels warmer and more responsive. I love it! My pedals react to it in a better way too. I appreciate all your help and advice." Ben (Omaha)

"Man i was going to wait till tomorrow to email but I can’t wait to say how floored I am over the wah upgrades you did for me  , dude unbelievable ...what a difference . I may never play without it ever again . Thanks again and talk soon . " Joseph G (Omaha)

"I just wanted to pass along a quick note to let you know that my guitars and amplifier are playing/sounding superb!
Thank you for your passion and craftsmanship!" Steve P. (Recording Artist, Omaha)


"Oh my, I just got the chance to just play the fender (haven’t yet plugged in) but I had to tell you how amazing it sounds , wow. I am like in tears. Highly recommend that low g string. What a sound!!! Thank you!!!"  Tica P. (Omaha)

"Wanted to drop a line that the Greenback is perfect in the Swart! Played for about an hour last night and not as in your face as the other (Creamback).  Greenback has a nice sparkle when clean and velvet smooth when overdriven. Thanks Man!"
Al V. (Omaha)
"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent install and set up , as always . Like you said it’s night and day with the Lollars . Absolutely love these pickups they are outstanding in all positions and the tones are exceptional . The bridge p/u on both sets I ordered are awesome , great output but maintains a great strat  tone , outstanding really . I could go on forever bout these but it’s time to get back to practicing, literally can’t stop playing this after your set up and install .Thanks again for all the great work you’ve done for me."  Joe (Omaha)
"I finally had the time to really play with it-it's great again. Also  have not used the 4 tube setting in as long as I can remember and it is a lot more amp. Anyway thank you for doing such a great job with such an odd issue." MB (Omaha)
"Wow! What a pleasure it has been to meet you. Your attention to detail is impressive: all the information you provided, the photos, the quick service, and you even put a zip tie on my case! I wish the best for you, and with your evident professionalism, I know your business will thrive! Thank you" Kate G. (Omaha)
"...just wanted to touch base that I love the Greenback in the Brown Princeton!! I think it is perfect match for this amp! Thanks for installing quickly!"  Al V. (Omaha)
"Played through the amp for about an hr last night at band practice. It’s sounding great! Thanks!"  Michael Jon (Omaha)"
"I've been wanting to write you because I've been getting so many compliments on the fuzz you made me. I'm out on the road right now finishing up a stretch opening for Destroyer with Rosali - a friend from Philly whose record we recorded in the basement before the pandemic. Anyway, a lot of people have come up to me and said how impressed they were with the sound of the fuzz you made me. Most of the sound guys comment on how much low end is captured in the tone which is my favorite part as well. It's been nice to hear and I've pointed a couple people who were very interested to your website, so if you get any random emails I hope they're from good folks.
Also getting a lot of compliments on the look of the Echoluxe (The sound of it too... but everyone thinks that one is the most handsome and exotic).
I've been playing these shows with a little table that holds up the Memory (wo)Man and Echoluxe, and since I never switch them off during a song it's been very practical. Before that on the ground I have your fuzz, wah, and then a volume pedal. Having a blast getting fuzzy swells and running them through both delays for long washes."  Jim S. (Omaha)
"...this pedal is amazing...I dont at all understand it but I want to keep digging...Honestly I'd take a pedal every year you make one.  I'm a fuzz snob and just love how dynamic your pedals are."  Brian C. (Omaha)
"Just wanted to send you a quick email to say (Pre-War Gibson J-35) is sounding great . The saddle height ,dude so much better , nut height spacing and placement is perfect in my opinion clean and clear easy fretting all the way down to the twentieth fret .Bass side saddle height is full and clean , certainly no need to change anything…It’s perfect "  Joseph G (Omaha)