Do's and Do Nots


*Feel free to inquire any job
(we can sometimes work in other tasks/outsource or offer faithful referral).




YES:  Guitar And Bass Setups, Restring, Repair, Mods, Pickups, Electronics & Restoration
NO:  Refinish, Paint, Inlay, Re-Fret, Re-Wood*
YES:  Tube Amp Repairs, Some (Fender) Solid State Guitar Amps, Tape Echo Units, New Speakers
NO:  Keyboards, PA, Mixers, Power Amps, Pro Audio, Many Solid State Amps, Band Instruments, Pedals, Rack Effects, Home Electronics, Digital Equipment, Speaker Re-Cones*.


Q: Why don't you repair anything/everything?


A:  It's challenging to be jack of all trades.  There are often manufacturer limitations such as proprietary parts, confidentiality of service manuals, lack of support etc.  We have very limited space here therefore must pick and choose our battles.  My philosophy is to do what I do, the best that I can (vs. jack of all trades everything).


As my life centers around guitar playing I've chosen not to take on jobs with repetitive hand and arm motion such as fretwork, buffing and painting.

100 watt tube amp by famous maker, signature model
100 watt tube amp by famous maker, signature model

Sadly many modern items are designed for obsolescence.  With amps moving into nano technology often boards and modules are not repaired but simply discarded and replaced by the manufacturer.

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