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Private Music Instruction

This is not your typical guitar store, 8'x8' boxed lesson (with Metallica blasting to the left, Guns'N'Roses to the right).  Here I offer a beautiful, all wood, warm acoustic recording studio furnished with equipment from the '60s and '70s.


Sessions might include anything from band performance, recording techniques, music theory discussion, songwriting and improvisation lab, to guitar and amp design, the use of effects.  More than not lessons focus on guitar performance;  acoustic, classical and electric.  Piano lessons also available.

Electric Guitar Demonstration Video.  I like to be as authentic as possible, note for note on melodies, improvisation over improvs, using period correct equipment with proper techniques and finger tone.  Here are a few examples I could think of in one sitting, including blues, rock, jazz, metal, fusion.

Folkstyle/Acoustic Guitar Demonstration Video.  Note an emphasis on right hand technique, fingerpicking.  This includes pick+finger basslines, rhythmic middle notes and a high melody clear and on top of the mix.

Classical Guitar Demonstration Video.  Fingerpicking, complex chord voicing and right hand tremolo are at present here.  Learning to read sheet music and creating artistry from paper and thin air is a wonderful thing.

Full Version Videos Below.  As accurate as possible in both sonics and fingers.

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Student TIm F. jams with Green Day!

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Michael's Former Students

*Current/former Guitar Instructors:

S. Bartolomei, S. Cox, C Hotz, M. Gutierrez, J. Lowe, J. Blum, M. Dundis, Dylan King, Connor Swanson. 


*Featuring six Music Degrees

*Touring Bands: Beep Beep, Break Maiden, Capgun Coup, Clever, Desiato, Fizz, Healer, The Impulsive, Mayday, Pro-Magnum, Satchel Grande, Think Tank, Noah's Arc WAS, Clever, Lodgings, Buzzo, many others.

*John Svatos, Owner/Operator at Ground Floor Guitar (Omaha)