Guitar Repair/Restoration

Full Set Up

Make your instrument play and sound to it's full potential, ease of fretting notes and chords, bending, tension and playability considered.  Reset tremolo flush or floating.


Neck/truss, bridge/action adjustments, neck pitch/angle, saddle radius, reset intonation, condition woods, restring/stretch/tune. 

Instrument Restring

Restring, stretch and tune

quick clean up/condition woods

labor + strings.  For most instruments. Add  for twelve string, mandolin, or floating tremolo.

Rickenbacker 360 12 String

Nut Replace/Custom Carve

3. Nut replacement/custom cut

Improve sustain, clearer tone of open strings, tuning stability, critical string spacing, vintage tinting and matching.  Labor + parts.  +Cost of material/blank.  add for Twelve string, Mandolin

Acoustic Saddles

Custom Acoustic Bone Saddle with setup. Compensated if needed for proper intonation. Channel route for sustain if need.  Greatly improve tone and resonance.

Tuner Replacement

Replacement tuning machines, vintage or modern style.  Achieve increased tuning stability, ease of turning, accuracy and aesthetic.  Install or remove robot tuners, locking systems and nuts.  Search out and restore vintage Klusons.

Pickup Installation/Electronics

Upgrade weak, muddy or tinny pickups with proper spec replacements.  Search out and authenticate vintage replacements.  Vintage winding repair.  Clean up bad chisel routing.  Change pot values for increased ouptut.  R/C networks for smoothness and treble enhancement.  Modify no load tone pots.  Replace intermittent switches and jacks.

Strap Button Installation

Neck and Body Break Repair

Restore broken necks and body cracks with stability and reliability.