Complete Once Over/Servicing

1. Servicing of pots, jacks, tube pins-sockets, ribbon-pin connectors, effects loop, switches, test and confirm high voltages, rebias, clock output wattage.

Vintage Tube Amp Repair and Restoration

2. Retube/ReBias without mods labor + tubes.  Add bias pot install/modification more.  Will combine with servicing at no extra charge.




3. Electrolytic Cap Job  pending size of amp (ex. Champ to Bassman to Twin)




4. Plate/Grid Resistor Updates  reduce random snap/crackle/ pop/fizz. Advised during cap job for rate discount (Cap job+resistor updates=less $).




5. Upgrade to ceramic tube sockets




6. Marshall to Plexi/Silver to Blackface MODS highly recommended/most used Combine this with others for reduced rate.




7.  Misc: replace broken pots, jacks, speakers, etc.




8. Tolex/tweed & grill cloth, piping, handles, logos, faceplates, custom mods and de-mods.  Inquire ahead.


All jobs subject to diagnostic/Minimum Bench Fee