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Additional Items:

S101 Stratocaster Electric Guitar black $99 (msrp $199)
New York Pro 5 string Bass red $139 (msrp $299)
Hondo Les Paul lawsuit '70s $295
Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar SD 6G candy apple red $99 (msrp $159)
Dauphin Classical Model 60 Vintage $550 (people asking $525-1000)
Yamaha FG335 acoustic Vintage '70s $450
Oscar Schmitt acoustic/electric OG260 $150 (msrp $259)
Fender DG-11e Black electric/acoustic $159 (msrp $349)
Fender DG-7 Acoustic 90s spruce top $200 (msrp $299)
Voxton Vox ES175 vintage 1968 $395
Hernandis Classical 1A (top line) $900
'40s/50s Manhattan Valco style Lap Steel matching Amp+case
Dilfer Telecaster 60s $295
DOD Compressor '70s $100
Antech Stereo Tremolo rare ping pong two amps $169
Antech Vintage Germanium Fuzz the best you'll hear $209
Cry Baby Vox Dunlop Clyde McCoy the best wah's you'll hear $150
MXR Omni Rack Effects '70s/80s all their vintage pedals in one box $499
Echoplex Footswitch NOS Switchraft '60s Cabling $99
Std EP Footswitch $29
Ibanez Analog Delay 80s $100
Electro Harmonix Double Muff $99
EH Small Stone 76 $150
Fender Tape Echo 70s $350
Fender flanger vintage $100
MXR Micro Chorus 70s $150
DOD Chorus 70s $125
Silvertone Bass-150 '60s $300
Kay 720 40w all tube late '50s $495 (like a Tweed Bassman/sleeper)
Kingston Head Cab solid state mini stack '70s $300
Bogen CHB-35a '50/60s 35w all tube head re-voiced for Tweed/Marshall style $400
1978 Marshall JMP Master Model 50w MKii Lead (2204)
Arion Hot Watt headphone 80s $50
Yamaha B100II 100w SS head $150
Vox AC-10 $400
Harmony H400 3w 60s $300
Airline 3w 60s $300
Plush Royal 1060-S 100w head(HiWatt/Orange) 70s $750
Carlsbro PA60 head 50w 60s Made in England (HiWatt/Plexi) $950
Premier-50 30w 50s $500
Fenders:  Princeton '64 Blackface, Princeton '68, Silverface Vibro Champ75 Silverface, Champ '50s
Acoustic Bass 2x15 70s $150
Fender Showman cab 70s $300